Chitawon Milk Ltd.
Chitawon Milk Ltd.

Established: B.S. 2065/09/09 | A.D. 24/12/2008
Dairy Processing Plant

Chitawon Milk Limited (CML) is an established dairy processing plant, located in Bharatpur-1, Thimura Chitwan, which started its commercial production on 27th Chaitra 2066/ 9th April 2010. Utilising high-end machinery and the latest technology from GEA Process Engineering, the plant is capable of processing 150,000 liters of milk per day (LPD), having the largest processing capacity in Nepal to date.
The plant mainly aims at producing high-quality agglomerated milk powder and is fully committed to quality production and consumer satisfaction. The future planning of CML’s management, infrastructure within the plant and dedication of employees is sure to prove it as a milestone in the modernization and development of the dairy sector in Nepal.

The main objectives of CML are as follows:

  • Improve and support local dairy farmers livelihood by providing a regular and sustainable market for the supply and production of raw milk products
  • Raise awareness of the standard of milk quality they supply and produce
  • Promote milk collections from rural areas through dairy cooperatives to increase employment rate and income generation
  • Provide improved quality standards and safety of raw milk and its derived products
  • Provide consumers with continuous supply of high quality, nutritious and hygienic milk and milk products
  • Create a business environment that promotes the dairy industry of Nepal and enhances competitive market forces
  • In the best interest of milk producers and consumers, CML has a central processing role to deliver high quality, nutritious and hygienic agglomerated milk powder and butter.
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